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The sound of noise to come, if you want to add the spark of crackling, create layers of waves crashing down, the sound of the wind, tv broadcast interference or let some furious blasting sounds take over your signal, I present to you the Arrow Airwaves. a white noise generator, which can be used as sound manipulator to create layers and layers of different sounds.

This pedal consist of a triggered white noise generator (the wng it's activated when there's a sound at the input) that can be mixed with instrument level. Controls are Vol (set the vol level of the instrument at the input), WNG (controls the amount of white noise is going to be mixed), Freq fine tune for the WNG, you can mix both signals manually via an expression jack.


  • Dimensions 4 5/8" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2
  • Expression Jack for manual blend
  • Powered only by DC 9v power Jack (center negative), sorry no batteries.

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