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Copilot FX

The antenna produces a mix of LoFi ring modulation, Sample Reduction and near theremin sounds . The sounds this pedal produces are limited only by your imagination, specially when is run in conjuction with other pedals. Perfect for those who want to run drones through it for ambient, experimental, also to "digitalize" their sound to get those industrial Videogame distorted tones or to get that in your face agresive/harsg synth sound out of your head. The pedal is built into a small, easy powered durable powdercoated aluminium box, also it comes with an expression pedal out jack so you can get a wide spectrum of sounds.

For those interested in running drum machines, please check the drum clip/video so you can see how it sounds running a drum loop trough the antenna (it doesnt destroy completely the drum machine signal, it only affects certain frequencies).

There's a "droning sound" when you crank the range and mix knobs wich is lower than the signal fed into the antena, is mostly perceived when there's no input (signal coming from), so I recommend to run after drive/fuzz pedals or in the FX loop of your amp.

The Antenna has been upgraded so it can handle the frequencies of bass and baritones.

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