Coopersonic Deluxe Dual Valve Overdrive



The Deluxe is the result of a no compromise approach to building the ultimate valve overdrive. Two NOS Mullard tubes running at high voltage produce a warm and rich overdrive which retains the character of your guitar and doesn't mess up or remove the bottom end. At higher gain settings you will get some pretty full-on distortion tones too. Cleans up nicely at lower gain settings.

We don't stick the tubes out of the box or light them up with LEDs to show them off; they're inside the box where they belong and they're protected (and no, they don't get too hot).

It doesn't get any better than this...

  • True bypass
  • Powerful two band EQ
  • All valve signal path
  • Pink led indicator!
  • Rugged diecast enclosure
  • Neutrik jacks
  • International power supply included
  • Dimensions: approx 145x93x45mm

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