Coopersonic Deluxe Valve Overdrive



The Deluxe features a rugged die-cast enclosure; true bypass switching using a high quality three-pole footswitch with a hi-brightness blue led indicator.

There are two NOS Mullard valves running at high voltage for premium tone, with a two band eq for a wide range of sound shaping possibilities.

We don’t put the valves on the outside or light them up with orange LED's – we put them inside where they’re protected since they’re there for the sound, not as some king of gimmicky light show.

The pedal ships with ECC81/12AT7 Mullard NOS valves. These valves sound amazing.

ECC83/12AX7 types can also be used; this will give more gain and a generally harsher tone. Changing the valve nearest the input socket will have the greatest effect on the sound.

All instructions on customizing your pedal are included in the box.

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