Coopersonic Tube Cleaner - Single Valve Clean Boost and Buffer


  • (knob)



It’s a booster!

  • make things louder! (or quieter) – clean boost with valve warmth
  • very good for driving the front end of valve amps
  • experiment with overloading other pedals
  • can even be used as a headphone amp at a push (if you have mono headphones or use a suitable mono-stereo jack adapter

It’s a buffer too!

  • no more “tone-sucking” (high frequency loss) if you put it in front of old Cry-baby’s etc
  • similarly will prevent top end and signal loss if you have long cables going from your pedal board to your amp, for example
  • use as a preamp for other low-level insruments/pickups


  • high impedance inpput, low impedance output
  • an enourmous 22dB of gain available
  • Runs off supplied 9Vcd adapter only (international psu, will work off 90-250V, supplied with UK, EU & US heads, Australian ones available on request)

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