Coopersonic Dirtbox



The Dirtbox - Wild Fuzz in a Yellow Box

Welcome to the brand new distortion / overdrive pedal from the coopersonic family!

This classic sounding pedal is not so much a younger brother to the Valveslapper but a formidable pedal in its own right. The sound is probably best described as lying somewhere between the legendary sounds of the coloursound overdrive and the lovetone big cheese. Like all our pedals this one goes a bit further than most, and with the dirt control all the way up you'll get some pretty intense fuzz!

The dirtbox measures 120mm X 70mm and is 50mm high. It runs on a 9V battery which is supplied and can also be powered by a 9 volt DC power supply. We do not give you the power supply with this one though, you'll have to buy that yourself.

The dirtbox is hand made by our good selves here in Nottingham England, and comes with a very affordable price tag. Strap this vibrant yellow baby onto your pedal board and you'll be amazed at the quality of drive and distortion which it offers.

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