Coolmusic MD-6 Multi EFX



Although MD-6 is a really small compact pedal, it can offer various effects to the music fans, if you look for a cheaper and convenient pedal with different effects, MD-6 should be your best choice. This powerful multi-effects unit optimized for guitar practice and performance. It is easy to use and road tough, the MD-6 provides six world-class effects, flanger, chorus, delay, Mutivoice , tempo, and rotary and at a very affordable price.


  • Four smart editing knobs for all function adjusting.
  • Total up to 6 stereo effects are available, flanger, chorus, delay, mutivoice, tempo, and rotary.
  • Optional foot switch can be connected to the pedal jack.
  • Adjustable speed and delay time through pressing the pedal to input the tempo.

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