Coolmusic C-EQ01 Sixband Equalizer



Strengthen and attenuation rang have up to 18 db. 6 selection of adjustable, has covered all the guitar, bass frequencies, provide with you fine-tuning. From a soft pop music solo turbulent Riff  heavy mental, Various style orientation can easily modulation frequency curve, Make the music have character and colorful.


  • Band:100Hz,200 Hz,400 Hz,800 Hz,1.6 KHz,3.2 KHz.
  • IO: Single channel input and output.
  • Shell: Thin rugged aluminum shell with anodized surface treatment.
  • Swift: Sturdy and durable pass-through mat with a circular aperture.
  • Power supply:9V direct-current,within the negative external positive.
  • Shell dimension: 115mm*61mm*18.5mm.

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