Conn Multi-Vider



Add Octaves at the flick of a s witch

Add one or two octaves below. Even adds one octave above on many instruments. Add brightness or darkness. Add all at the same time or in any combination. Or use straight amplification, without extra octaves.

It happens at the flick of a switch on the new Conn Multi-Vider. Add your imagination and the Multi-Vider opens spectacular new dimensions in special effects for the wind instrumentalist.

The Multi-Vider is a solid stage, miniaturized computer. Flick the "Soprano" switch and the sound of your instrument is electronically channeled an octave higher. Flick the "Bass" switch and your instrument is accompanied an octave lower. "Sub Bass" gives you two octaves below. In addition, "Bright" and "Dark" switches permit instant variations in tone color.

Add four octaves at once, plus color, and you can produce a full ensemble chorus in unison. Or, complement your tone with a single extra octave. Or just use straight amplification. The Multi-Vider puts many exciting combinations at your fingertips!

The Multi-Vider weighs less than a pound and measures just 4" x 7" x 1 1/4". Clips comfortably to the belt and is easily connected to any wind instrument.

Features built-in dynamic volume control to automatically match sound level of extra octaves with the octave being played. Soft when you play soft... loud when you play loud. Also has highest quality, American-made pickup microphone with moisture-resistant stainless steel diaphragm. Special Sensitivity Control adjusts output to instrument frequency range.

The Multi-Vider is ideally matched with the Conn "500" Amplifier but can be used with any standard amp. The entire Multi-Vider kit - complete with microphone, connecting cords, mountings, shut-off plug, nine-volt battery and padded Naugahyde carrying case, is priced at only $244.50. Full year warranty.


  • Size: 4" x 7" x 1 1/4"
  • Weight: 15 ounces
  • Circuitry: Solid State
  • Power Source: 9 Volt interior battery
  • Effect and Volume Controls: individual switches for brightness, darkness, Soprano octave, Bass octave and Sub-Bass octave. Individual volume controls for each switch.
  • Dynamic Volume Control: Automatically adjusts output to playing level.
  • Sensitivity Control: To adjust Multi-Vider to instrument frequency range
  • Complete Outfit: Includes pick-up microphone, connecting cords, mountings, shut-off plug, nine volt battery and padded Naugahyde carrying case.

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