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The Sustained Fury is a uniquely designed guitar effect pedal constructed with the highest quality components available. Rich harmonic distortion, endless sustain and a tone control with usable settings yields a variety of guitar tones from David Gilmour to modern alternative rock.


  • This guitar effect pedal comes with Level, Tone and Sustain controls.
  • A very high input impedance (~ 10 Meg ohm) and low noise buffer stage, smoothly tapered tone shaping and enormous amounts of gain make this distortion pedal sing with rich harmonics and endless sustain.
  • The input buffer is always engaged, so you will enjoy the added benefits of impedance matching similar to our Line Chauffeur signal buffer.
  • Like a high-end tube amp, all gain stages are matched to within +- 5%. This approach not only yields better tone, it also reduces extraneous noise. A large amount of power filtering is also employed. This helps shield the Sustained Fury from variations in supply voltage you might encounter while gigging.

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