Colorsound Wow Pedal (Castledine Reissue)


Colorsound / Sola Sound

So if you've checked out the sandard series page you'll have seen that we've been making a wah designed for us by Dick Denney since the 90s. HOWEVER loads of people have been rattling our cage to make that old 70s one - the Bolan one - the Thin Lizzy one!

So what better way to make that happen than to get together with the UK's top Wah supremo Stu Castledine and embark on this new but old project.

At the heart of every Castledine/Colorsound Wah is a custom wound inductor. Every care has been taken to make this pedal just like your original 1970s unit right down to using the original case tool to press the enclosures.

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