Colorsound Power Boost



  • Treble
  • Bass
  • Volume
  • Output Volume (reissue only)



The Power Boost was born in the late sixties - the idea was to give guitarists a boost..... in power, and it did! Guess it was just luck that when you turned the pedal up full it sounded like the best stack ever! We we're really popular with glaziers in those days, windows were shattering right accross London! Then the pedal was taken to the Dallas trade show where it was given a huge standing ovation (like clapping - the guitars hadn't been invented yet)

Recently I was lucky enough to be presented with three, unused Power Boosts circa 1968 - they we're still in their packing, never been sold - they sounded just great - just like a new one! No kidding - I A/b tested the pedals old and new and blindfolded I couldn't tell the difference... well I could have felt for the master volume - we have added that - windows are expensive these days!

And yes- this is the effect Dave Gilmour used

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