Colorsound Overdriver



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The Overdriver was born in the late sixties in the guise of the Orange Power Boost - the idea was to give guitarists a boost..... in power, and it did! Guess it was just luck that when you turned the pedal up full it sounded like the best stack ever! We we're really popular with glaziers in those days, windows were shattering right across London! Then the pedal was taken to the Dallas trade show where it was given a huge standing ovation ( like clapping - the guitars hadn't been invented yet ) and a bunch of flowers - you see the American market was ready for the sound but felt it looked a bit too... So, it was rehoused in a grey hammerite case, called the Overdriver, Jeff beck made 'Blow by Blow' with it, and the rest, as they say, is a mystery.. I mean history!

Now we make the classic Orange Power Boost to sound the same as the original but in the Overdrive we've added an FET in the preamp stage which gives the pedal slightly more aggression and makes it particularly efficient when working with a valve amp.


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