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So... I'm at Dick Denneys bungalow about 5 years or so ago. For those of you who don't know , Dick designed the Vox AC30 and was just about the best guy who ever worked in the music industry ! Well , we're sitting down talking valve echo when he produces a circuit board he designed back in 1961 .... It was still in his drawer! We plugged it in and it blew me away! it sounded FANTASTIC - like a germanium pedal - nasty - garagey - trashy - with ONE control that did everything at the same time - gain , volume , nastiness , garaginess! We went into production straight away and called it the one knob fuzz. This is our latest version - it still it Dicks design but on a tonebender board and with one special addition - inside there's a little preset wheel that allows you to balance the effected sound against your true bypassed sound - sneaky eh , a one knob fuzz with a secret wheel!? So here's a trubute to the man himself , Dick Denney - king of the capacitors!

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