Colorsound Fuzz 4



Well here it is! The long awaited FUZZ 4 - Quad Transistor circuit Fuzz pedal with huge range of classic and contempory fuzz sounds - from grunting nasty Pro MKII style crunch - to huge sizzling MKIII style fuzziness. On top of that , every fuzztone you select has a different colour, The LED light in the middle of the pedal goes from a warm blue through purple and pink to red depending on how you set the controls, giving each of your fuzz sounds and individual colour reference. So get with it and get one of the very first FUZZ 4s ever! This is literally our first run!

Dedicated Low Noise transistors are used as input and output buffers to ensure the stability of teh tone, no matter what guitar or amp/pedal combination you use...

Specially designed circuitary creates Less Sub Harmonic filtering which allows the bottom end to be fat and tight! (Can also be used with Bass!!!)

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