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The Sweet Kiwi MkII is a revised and updated version of a limited edition Fuzz from 2012. The original Kiwi Fuzz was based on cascading power amp designs combining op amp clipping for musical sizzle and power amp stages for thick, juicy muscle. The combination is best described as a fuzzy, saturated amp.

The MkII takes the original circuit and adds an active inverting treble control, making the pedal overall non-inverting, and allows you to tailor the sizzle to your particular rig.  An input gain trimmer controls the character of the op amp stage from smooth OD to fuzz, and unlocks a host of new stacking applications.  Turn the input down for a smoother tone, hotter pickups, or when using the Kiwi after a boost, overdrive or other fuzz.  Turn it up when using low output pickups, driven directly from the guitar.

The Sweet Kiwi MkII features a robust relay-based true bypass system actuated with a soft touch momentary stomp switch.  Special attention was given to the power filtering for a quiet, high gain device.

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