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The first of our limited run Custom Shop effects is the Sweet Kiwi, a thick, modern Fuzz/Distortion with plenty of girth, bite and harmonic content to take your riff rock to the next level.  Dead simple two-knob operation puts no-frills tone at your fingertips.

Based on cascading power amp designs, the Sweet Kiwi has all the thick fuzz and volume boost needed to stand out.  3 stages power the Kiwi, combining op amp clipping for musical sizzle and power amp stages for thick, juicy muscle. The fuzz control increases the input drive to the power stages. The combination is best described as a fuzzy, saturated amp.

Used as a standalone effect, it’s equally at home with clean, semi or dirty amps. You can also stack the Kiwi after your boosts, overdrives and other filter effects for even more over the top, singing lead tones, even those ratty, raspy, low gain fuzzes that we all love for our riff rock. The bass content is thick and strong, fitting for all sorts of power chords, riffs and leads.

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