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The Sweet Cream Overdrive is a low-gain preamp designed to refine and enhance the sound of the guitar, without blanketing it in, well, a blanket of mud.  You can think of it as the little brother to the Cascade, as it sports a dual stage design as well, but they are very different and compliment each other quite well.

The first stage of the Sweet Cream Overdrive is a discrete MOSFET boost coupled to the Structure control.  This unique control simultaneous changes the frequency emphasis and gain of the MOSFET stage.  Turned to the left, the boost acts more like a mid & treble boost, but with less gain for a chimey, articulate sound.  Turned to the right, the stage fattens up, with more gain for a thick, punchy boost.

The 2nd stage is a custom tuned rail-to-rail CMOS amplifier.  This particular stage has been configured to emulate a dual channel amp with its inputs jumpered, that is, a semi-clean signal layered on top of a medium-gain dirty signal.  The previous MOSFET stage boosts both of these signals.  The Drive knob controls the gain of the dirty channel while the 3-way Compression toggle sets the type of clipping as well as the threshold relative to the clean channel.  In the center position, the dirty signal has maximum headroom, while positions 2 and 3 have less headroom and different clipping characteristics.

Finally, the Sweet Cream Overdrive features a unique tone control set at its output.  The Tone trimmer rolls off treble to the left and cuts bass to the right.  The complimentary Contour trimmer adds mids as it is turned CW, and controls the overall shape of the EQ curve from an amp-like scoop to a mid-enhanced curve designed to cut through the mix.

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