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The Fiesta Fuzz Mini is a special version of the Fiesta MkII where we’ve taken the FAT and Gain trimmers, fixed them and ripped them right off!  Enjoy all the thick, warm and articulate vintage and modern fuzz tones at a lower price point.  This thing works wonderfully after other pedals, including buffers and wireless units.

The Fiesta design uses modern transistor arrays, JFETs and MOSFETs to imitate a number of different vintage fuzzes.  Controls for Volume, Fuzz and Bias set the tone from smooth to aggressive. It can also achieve semi-gated, modern tones with a hint of octave high on the guitar neck.  A OD/Fuzz toggle changes the character from tight and cutting to FAT and thick.

The unique JFET input buffer allows the Fiesta to be stacked after any number of effects such as Wah, overdrive, boost, etc without any added noise or unwanted artifacts, all while retaining the signature “volume knob cleanup” of many vintage fuzzes.

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