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The limited edition FET Head was designed to be the ultimate pre-boost. The all-Mosfet design features elements of Treble Boosters, stationary/stuck wah and a gritty, fuzzy overdrive. This effect was specifically designed to come before dirty amps or overdrives to kick them into high gear with an extremely tunable and vocally articulate lead boost. The combined effect is a thicker, tighter distortion that cuts extremely well in a band setting.

The first stage of the FET Head is a Mosfet-based treble boost featuring a Range control.  Range alters both the low-frequency roll-off on the input, as well as the guitar signal input loading. This kind of control works extremely well whether driven by a buffered output, or directly from the guitar. The Gain knob controls the boost of the first stage. The 2nd stage features a Boot-strapped Mosfet gain stage driving a differential stage. This arrangement supplies the subtle, cocked wah vocal qualities as well as the overdrive/fuzz tone. Wrapped around this stage is the Presence control, a negative feedback treble control very similar to those used in vintage tube amps. The FET Head also features plenty of output power, tamed by the Volume control.

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