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The EchoVerb is our first foray into Digital Signal Processing (DSP), using the extremely powerful, Spin-Semi FV-1 DSP Platform.  All you need to know about digital is that it is so much more convenient and flexible than analog electronics.  What we’ve done with the EchoVerb is to combine a lush, ambient Reverb IN PARALLEL with a warm, organic Echo.  Running effects in parallel is much like using the Send inserts on a studio mixer, both effects are driven by the dry input signal, without any crosstalk bleeding between the effects.

Sound Features:

  • Dual Reverb & Echo combined in Parallel
  • Delay Time & Repeats Controls
  • Reverb Control cross fades between pure Echo and Reverb
  • Input Signal is lightly gated before hitting the Echo & Reverb
  • Echo Repeats are smoothly limited if overloaded
  • Repeats are increasingly filtered with each cycle

General Features:

  • Master Mix & Volume
  • Relay-based Bypass System
  • Swank Screen-Printed Graphics
  • Future-proof with upgrade-able programming

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