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The as-of-yet-unnamed Compressor is a multifaceted tone tool box featuring a discrete, vintage-style mic preamp mated to a full-featured compressor.  The compressor features ratio, response (attack/decay speed), limiting threshold and a downward expanding gate for clean, studio quality dynamics control.  Input gain trimmer gives you full control over the signal-to-noise ratio for optimum performance with different instruments including electric & acoustic guitars, high impedance harmonica (bullet-style) mics and more.


  • Discrete, Console-style Preamp
  • Ratio, Response & Threshold Controls
  • Input Gain & Output Volume
  • Downward Expanding Gate
  • Relay-based Bypass System
  • Swank Screen-Printed Graphics

ColdCraft Effects (about the Crimson Comp)

The Crimson Compressor is our first foray into dynamics processing, and we’ve really tried to go the extra mile with this one.  The Crimson Comp is a studio quality dynamics processor and preamp featuring independent compression and limiting, as well as downward expansion.  Most “compressor” products are either limiters or compressors and claim to do both.  The Crimson Comp gives you independent control over the compression Ratio as well as a higher threshold for hard limiting (Limit Control).  Raising the bar even further, this preamp features downward expansion, which decreases gain below a lower threshold, controlled by the Gate trimmer.  This means quiet, consistent dynamics control.

The Crimson Comp also features a Response trimmer which controls the snap and speed of all 3 functions at once.  All 3 functions, compression, limiting and expansion can be used independently or together for the ultimate studio-smooth tone.  Make no mistake, this beast is not simple by any means, but its performance is heads and shoulders above the competition (not to mentioned its noise floor is about 3 stories below ground).

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