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The Cascade DLX is a limited edition, expanded version of the Cascade MkII.  The DLX adds two external mini-pots controlling the Bias of Drive A and the Voice aka corner frequencies of Drive B.  The additional controls really extend the tunability of the Cascade, making it work in a multitude of situations.  The Class B section can get fatter or leaner than the stock tone.  The Class A stage can go from fully symmetric clipping to slightly more asymmetric than the stock Cascade.

What you get normally:

The Cascade MkII picks up where the original design left off, stacking two distinctly different gain structures for thick, rich tones.  Drive A is a warm, class A-inspired tone whereas Drive B has a punchy, class A/B style voice.  Individually, each stage has moderate gain, but used in combination, the harmonics and saturation multiplies for thick, complex tones.

Version two updates the design with a MOSFET input preamp, internal Bass & Mid EQ trimmers, wider gain & tonal ranges as well as the new relay-based switching system featuring internally selectable buffered bypass.

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