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The Coldcraft Micro Buffer is a high quality, transparent, low noise, no nonsense Buffer/Line Driver for Guitar & Bass. This design is based on the bypass buffer of the late, great Klon and puts back what your rig is robbing from your tone. In addition, an OpAmp Buffer such as this serves to minimize tonal changes to your rig when you add or remove pedals from your signal chain. Try it last if you have a long cable run to the amp. Try it after Dirt and before Modulation/Delay when you have a mix of buffered/bypass effects. The results may or may not vary depending on how much degradation is in your system. Follow your ear!

Works great before passive volume controls to mitigate the tone loss that can sometimes happen.

Many owners report a subtle restoration to the upper mids and punch of the guitar.

9V DC Operation.  Standard BOSS-style plug.

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