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The Black Lime IC Fuzz brings all the thunderous, brick wall fuzz and punchy distortion that can only be created by an efficient opamp and refines it with key voicing controls that expand its versatility beyond anything else out there.  The familiar Sustain, Tone and Volume controls set the core tone and saturation levels while the post-EQ Presence control trims the top end sizzle.  The Tone Boost trimmer adds back the missing mids and filtered highs for a thick, punchy saturation that cuts better in a band setting.  Lastly, the input voicing trimmer controls the “tightness” or “feel” of the fuzz by smoothly rolling off the lows, pre-distortion.


  • Sustain, Tone & Volume Controls
  • Presence, Tone Boost & Voice Trimmers
  • Relay-based Bypass System
  • Swank Screen-Printed Graphics

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