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ColdCraft Effects about the MkII

The Black Dynamite was designed to be an ultra-dynamic, medium gain preamp capable of warm overdrive or medium gain “Crunch”-style distortion with powerful EQ options.  The unique Shift control changes the drive character from warm & transparent overdrive to focused, vocal distortion, perfect for riffs or leads.  The BD MkII stacks a combination of LED/MOSFET OpAmp clipping with a discrete MOSFET gain stage for a complex and dynamic tone.


  • 2 Stage Hybrid OpAmp/MOSFET Preamp
  • LED & MOSFET Clipping
  • Active Baxandall Bass & Treble EQ Trimmers
  • Drive, Shift and Volume Controls
  • Compression/Saturation Trimmer
  • Internally DIP switched Harmonics settings
  • Relay-based Bypass System
  • Swank Screenprinted Graphics


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