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Cog Effects

Presenting the T-70 Analogue Octave, the most versatile and expressive analogue octave pedal ever made. No compromises, no messing, just speaker-busting analogue goodness. 

The T-70 has two full-featured T-65 channels, including a parallel effects loop, plus a third channel labelled Sub providing pure octave-down tones. On each of the T-65 channels, level controls are included for dry signal, one octave down, one octave up, and the parallel effects loop. The Filter control is an adjustable low pass filter on the octave down signal, allowing you to shape your octave tone. The Sub channel features the same Down level and Filter controls. 

The A/B footswitch swaps between the two T-65 channels (black and white), and the Sub footswitch overrides that selection and engages the Sub channel (red). The Bypass Mode toggle allows you to select your bypassed signal as either clean signal or your effects loop. You can put large portions of your pedalboard into the loop of the T-70 to blend in parallel when the T-70 is engaged, without having to sacrifice those pedals when the T-70 is bypassed. 

All four audio jacks plus the DC jack are north-mounted in an enclosure only two inches wider than a T-65, providing a convenient footprint for almost any pedalboard.

  • Clean, Down, Up, and Loop Levels are independent and allow a broad range of multi-voice blends on both the black and white channels
  • Filter controls allow you to shape your octave down tone on all three channels individually
  • Effects loop for parallel effects blending
  • Third sub-only channel
  • Bypass Mode toggle switch selects bypass sound - clean or effects loop
  • 2.1mm Boss-style 9v DC input (power supply not included)
  • North-mounted jacks to reduce pedalboard footprint
  • Buffered Bypass
  • Die-cast Aluminium box

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