Chris Mac Gregor Asynchron - Light Controlled Ring Modulator


Chris Mac Gregor

The principle of this pedal is simple, the treadle both controls the frequency of the modulation signal of a ring modulator and enables or disables the effect (by putting your foot on or off the treadle). The resulting effect is a whole spectrum of incredible sounds, enriched by harmonics.

The device has three potentiometers:

  • Deep - sets the depth of the impact of the modulation signal coming from the generator.
  • Sync - provides the ability to sync the generator, which modulates the sound (this is not used in other ring modulators, it adjusts the harmonics and subharmonics to be played over the sounds).
  • Mod - the volume of the modulated signal added to the primary signal.

You can use the Asynchron Ring Modulator with every instrument's sounds, including bass and vocals.

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