The water box is an all analog chorus pedal that has that deep lush sound that the old vintage chorus pedals had because I use the same chips that have been long discontinued. I have also added extra filtering for improved noise floor and no LFO tick that a lot of the older pedals and newer boutique pedals have.

It has controls for rate and depth but it also has an effect level control to adjust how much chorus signal you want with the dry signal. I also added 3 toggle switches so you can add more rate, more wet bass (very good with bass guitars) and a vibrato switch. The vibrato switch is out of phase but is a nice effect when used minimally or with noise makers.

On top of this I have also added an additional wet out for people that like to use 2 amps and of course it is true bypass, powdercoated in a nice blue sparkle with white screen printing with a little blue swirl added.


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