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This is a new pedal that I hand build. This is a new design. This is my Signa Comp and my Signa Drive in one pedal. When I first plugged this pedal in I was floored these pedals work so great together. Every OD tone you can think of plus a Marshall type crunch is available in this pedal. I usually don't get that excited about a pedal but this thing just amazed me and that really takes a lot.

On the Compression side it is really fat and full of tone with lots of sustain and squish available. It just has the standard 2 knobs Level and Sustain.

The compression side is based around the famous ca3080e chip. I use only the best parts for great reliability and long life and great tone.

I use Panasonic poly film caps, 1% metal film resistors for a quieter pedal and a more consistent pedal. I also use Alpha pots, military grade wiring, EH 3pdt true bypass switch, and a double sided PCB. Let me tell you about the PCBs I use.

These aren't home made PCBs that are etched and drilled. These are designed by me and made by a circuit board company. I design the circuit on the computer and then I work with it until I am happy, then I order prototype boards I build a pedal and then I make revisions to improve on tone and noise. I repeat this process until I am happy with the layout and then I order production boards. My boards are double sided with plated through holes, solder mask, and silk screening. This all adds up to a better pedal that will last longer. If you buy from someone else make sure of the quality of their boards. It cost me a lot more because of the circuit boards that I design and buy than if I were to make them at home but it adds up to a better pedal.

On the OD side it has the standard 3 controls Tone, Level and Drive. It also adds a 3 way toggle switch. The 3 way switch allows you to change the clipping and gain structure this is a really great feature that can really help your tone. This side of the pedal can truly go from a clean boost to a Marshall crunch and everything in between. This is the best sounding OD I have ever heard I am truly proud of it. The harmonics and sustain are just unbelievable this thing has TONE If you have an OD tone in your head then it is in this pedal.

This side is the same as the compression side in that it only has the best parts Panasonic poly film caps, 1% metal film resistors, top quality caps. This circuit board is also designed by me. I go through the same process as I do on the compression side. This side is also true bypass.

On their own each side is great but together they are just amazing. Turn the OD up and with the comp and OD on you can turn the sustain up on the comp side and get the most amazing sustain and if you really crank it up you can get it to feedback. This pedal will work great for all types of music (except maybe metal) the compression can be set low and be used to just boost the OD side so it can be set to have a foot switch able boost.

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