The Deluxe Phat Boost has a controls for Tone and Boost. Footprint of a MXR and has a bright blue LED and True Bypass. The Phat Boost boosts the entire frequency of your guitar sound and at the same time it PHATTENS up the sound. This is not a transparent clean boost, but it delivers a richer sound and sustain When you push the Boost past unity it will add a nice break up to your tone. Also this pedal plays nice with others and stacks really well. Pedal is dead quiet with hardly any noise. Now the Pedal has been Deluxe'd with a Tone control and more gain on tap. It's perfect for pushing your amp 'over the edge' or just Phattening up your signal.


This is a clean boost that is 20db.

It adds a touch of presence to your signal when engaged to help you stand out in the mix.

it is true bypass and has a blue LED, neutrik jacks and operates on a batery or 9v adapter.

The Boost is bare alumium with a decal over the top and is in a MXR size case.

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