Clone Masters Alien Mother Filter


  • Depth
    sets the amplitude of the filter.
  • Attack
    sets the attack speed of the filter envelope.
  • Up/Down
    sets the direction of the filter sweep; upwards or downwards.
  • Distorter (On/Off)
    turn distortion on/off.


Limited Hand made batch of only 20 prototypes

Clone Masters

ALIEN MOTHER FILTER Limited Hand made batch from 'Clone Masters' THE best new filter pedal out there!! HEAVY DUTY STOMPBOX with amazing Vowel-like filtering with Phaser-like sweeps, and an amazing Distortion circuit too!! - Very sensitive Filter responds to voltage (input or picking strength), DEPTH control, and ATTACK control for quick percolating bleeps all the way to Long drone style sweeps ! ! ! - The "korg"-like filter Sweep goes UP or DOWN, and has two modes of luscious filtering ! - The second out put is always on and offers Phase and sweep reversed effects through your other amp or in the studio. SUPER clean, quiet, and built with THE best parts. Multi colored LED's and Heavy duty switches. This is a crazy and intense sounding unit that will change your attitude of what an Envelope Filter sounds like ! ! ! There are only 20 of these prototypes available ! $350 shipped

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