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This pedal stems from the royal family of overdrives. The Tone King features two independent overdrives in one box! Pedal one (left) features a “Gain-ier” sweep of gritty clean to medium overdrive on the drive knob. Pedal two (right) features a standard sweep of cleans to a nice overdrive on the gain knob. Turn both pedals on for an even bigger sound! The Tone King adds an independent tone (phat) switch for each channel giving you the control to tailor the pedal to your rig. Internal dip switches also allow you to choose between 3 different types of clipping from unique diodes.

  • True Bypassed
  • 9v Battery clip
  • Neutrik Jacks
  • Bright Blue and White LED’s
  • Space Saving Design
  • Jacks and 9v on the back for best pedal board fit.
  • Drive, Tone and Level Knobs for each channel
  • Customize your Tone King completely for only $35 more!
  • Internal Dip Switches for 3 clipping options
  • Channel 1 higher gain drive knob sweep
  • Channel 2 standard drive knob sweep
  • JRC4580 Chip for the royal signature tone
  • 1S188 and MA856 clipping diodes

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