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The Mosfet Classic is a further development of the Blue Classic concept.

Like the Blue Classic, the Mosfet Classic features a miniature transformer coupled power amplifier, however, instead of using bipolar transistors in Class AB Push-Pull, the Mosfet Classic uses a single Mosfet operating in Class A.

The Mosfet Classic is also a two stage pedal. The first stage is not as clean as the Blue Classic and gives that “just over the edge” sound that you get when you push a small amp a bit too far, but it cleans up nicely when you back off on the guitar. The second stage enables the drive control, giving considerably more available gain than the Blue Classic.

We've voiced the Mosfet Classic to be less bright and to have less bottom end than the Blue Classic. It is stronger in the mids, making a nice Class A mid-range “bark”, without having the “mid hump” of a TS based pedal.

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