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The Blue Classic grew from a concept in the early '90s, to try to build a solid state pedal that could give true tube sound. For a whole lot of reasons, the project was shelved until 2003.

During the years between concept and development, it became obvious that “tube sound” is almost impossible to define, because it means different things to different people. Even having tubes in a pedal does not seem to guarantee tube sound.

So, during development, the Blue Classic took on a life of its own and a unique sound.

The Blue Classic is a dual stage pedal. The first stage has a small amount of power supply sag and “warms” the sound. It also gives an adjustable mid-top boost. The second stage enables the Drive control and increases sag, allowing the amplifier in the pedal to be driven into distortion. The design of the Class AB push-pull amplifier prevents hard clipping from happening, sloping the waveform after a fast initial transient response. This approach makes for excellent dynamics.

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