Classic Audio Effects Foothills - Active Volume Roller



Classic Audio Effects

Redefining Space Saver.

The Classic Audio FX Foothills is our second entry into the volume pedal game. You have been asking for it and we listened. By taking the tried and proven roller design and combining it with an active buffer we have been able to develop a roller pedal that is truly a space saver without any compromises. Try one out, you wont be disappointed!


  • Optical based
  • User Selectable Curves (Flat, Norm, Scoop)
  • Buffered Output with Tuner Split
  • Kevlar Reinforced Drive Belt for Ultra Long Life, NO MORE STRINGS
  • 270° of Rotation
  • LED positional bezel
  • Footprint: 4.77" by 2.6"
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • User Selectable Curves
    With three user selectable curves there's a sweep that is sure to just "feel right".
    • "Norm" mode - This is the best representation of a standard volume pedal. A fairly linear perceived volume change along the entire sweep of the pedal
    • "Flat" mode- In this mode volume changes will be more sensitive and dramatic in the first 1/2 of the pedals sweep
    • "Scoop" mode - In this mode volume changes will be more sensitive and dramatic in the second 1/2 of the pedals sweep.

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