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Amethyst - [am-uh-thist]

1. A precious stone consisting of a violet or purple variety of quartz.

2. The state mineral of South Carolina.


Handmade in Rock Hill, South Carolina, the Amethyst Reverb by Classic Audio Effects is a true gem of tone. Already have your own expression pedal or expression roller?—the Amethyst Mini has you covered. Featuring all the same features of the big brother but allowing the player to use any standard expression pedal input.

Express Yourself

The external expression jack allows you easily adjust effect parameters in a live setting using any expression pedal you may already own. The result is a fast and fun way to adjust your tone on the fly, without interrupting your playing. The FEEDBACK, REVERB, and PRESET parameters can be assigned to the expression input using the expression toggle switch. The unselected parameters will continue to function as standard knobs. See the video below for a more detailed look on how this works!

For expression input to work, user must be sure to select the "EXP" pushbutton to enable the device to read the external input. Otherwise, the expression feature will be disabled and all knobs will function as standard inputs.

Preset Blend

The Amethyst Reverb features a one-of-a-kind preset blend knob. With the turn of a knob it is possible for the user to smoothly sweep between two user defined presets. Each preset can be stored to recall tone, room, feedback, and reverb settings. 


  • EXP (toggle) - Selects which control is being articulated by the external expression jack. Toggle to the left to tie the roller to the FEEDBACK knob; toggle middle to control the REVERB knob; toggle to the right to control the one-of-a-kind PRESET blend.
  • TONE - Controls the brightness of the reverb.
  • ROOM - Simulates the effects of room size and the time it takes for reverb to occur naturally.
  • FEEDBACK - Controls the amount of reverb that is feedback into the original signal. Note at upper extremes self-oscillation is possible.
  • REVERB - Controls the amount of reverb or  "wetness."
  • EXP (Push-button) -  Activates/Deactivates the expression input jack. LED off - expression jack not active, LED on - expression jack active
  • PRESET - Create two  unique user defined settings and blend smoothly between the two! Turn the knob all the way to the left for 100% Preset A, all the way to the right for 100% Preset B. turn the knob in between the two presets to achieve a blend of A and B. Turning the knob straight up represents a 50/50 blend of the two presets.
  • SAVE (Push-button) - Saves setting when programming Preset A or Preset B. To save a preset start by turning the Preset knob to the desired Preset (A or B). Once in the programming range, simply turn the other 4 knobs until the sound you want to achieve has been found. Click the SAVE push-button.  Three blinks indicates that your preset was saved successfully; one blink indicates an error in saving.

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