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The "Gainster" Overdrive/Boost Pedal

Add more gain to your guitar playing with minimal coloration to your signal. This pedal is designed to preserve the tone of your guitar and every nuance of your playing style while adding a convincing tweed-like growl.


  • Powder coat finish with hand painted graphics on each pedal.
  • Full size internal components.
  • Hand-wired, point to point on a premium fiberboard circuit card (just like my amps).
  • External 9V power jack.
  • True bypass, with Level, Tone, and Gain controls.
  • Very even handed reproduction of your guitar's tone without frequency loss, from it's lowest gain settings to the highest.
  • No low or high frequency loss or midrange hump like a tube screamer.
  • No compression of your pick attack like tube screamer clones.
  • The ability to play dissonant chords with note clarity.
  • No frills, just the tone!
  • Dimensions: Length 7 1/4", Width 4 1/2", Height 1 1/2"
  • $380.00

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