Effetti Di Clara Petra


Effetti Di Clara

PETRA is a fuzz fully developed by Effetti Di Clara. Designed, assembled and painted by hand.


  • The CLIPPING switch allows you to obtain a more saturated and compressed tone, the S-NESS switch is a gate dynamic-sensitive.
  • The TONE control is the EQ of the pedal, setting the amount of medium-high frequencies.
  • VOL is the output level of the pedal.

With PETRA you can obtain a very dynamic FUZZ tone (clipping off, s-ness off), or with the CLIPPING switch on a more compressed distortion tone. The S-NESS switch let your guitar or bass sound like a SYNTH-FUZZ.

PETRA is available in two versions, for guitar or bass.

Being hand-painted each pedal is slightly different from each other, in colour too! As someone said “Life was like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re gonna get.”


  • input impedance: 1M ohm
  • output impedance: 100K ohm
  • connectors: INPUT jack, OUTPUT jack
  • power supply: 9 volt DC (tip negative)
  • current draw: 15 mA (DC 9 volt)
  • dimensions: 110x60x32mm
  • weight: 250gr.


  • TRUE BYPASS mechanical switch
  • jack NEUTRIK
  • selected resistors
  • orange LED indicator
  • non-slip rubber bottom

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