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Effetti Di Clara

CAMILLA is a signal buffer with variable gain. plugged at the beginning of a pedal chain, whether there’re true bypass or not, it solves the problem of signal degradation due to cables, jack…
it avoids the loss of brillance and harmonics of the high frequencies typical of long pedal chains or due to poor quality pedals that degrade the signal.

Entirely hand built with premium components, selected for best audio performance, very high input impedance (1M ohm), with a trim pot (GAIN ADJ) to adjust the signal level (from 0dB to +12dB) providing a clean, powerful signal to your amp you can recover volume, dynamics, harmonics and brillance, resulting in a richer sound on the whole frequencies spectrum.

CAMILLA is built with no mechanical components on its top surface, so you can even use it as a support for other pedals!

Being hand-painted each pedal is slightly different from each other, in colour too! As someone said “Life was like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re gonna get.”


  • input impedance: 1M ohm
  • output impedance: 100K ohm
  • pedal gain: 0dB – 9dB (@5Khz)
  • connectors: INPUT jack, OUTPUT jack
  • power supply: 9 volt DC (tip negative)
  • current draw: 8 mA (DC 9 volt)
  • dimensions: 110x60x32mm
  • weight: 250gr.


  • jack NEUTRIK
  • selected resistors
  • orange LED indicator
  • non-slip rubber bottom.

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