Effetti Di Clara Agata


Effetti Di Clara

AGATA is a booster/overdrive fully developed by Effetti Di Clara. Designed, assembled and painted by hand.


  • Two different controls allow you to choose the kind of saturation. The first one (Before) warm and creamy, the second one (After) is crystalline, very dynamic with a lot of attack.
  • The End control adjust the output volume of the pedal.

It can be used as a BOOST (it has a lot of volume!), as a OVERDRIVE choosing the king and amount of saturation you like. You can even set the controls at full to get that powerful crunchy sound you may need in hard times!

Being hand-painted each pedal is slightly different from each other, in colour too! As someone said “Life was like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re gonna get.”


  • input impedance: 2.2M ohm
  • output impedance: 100K ohm
  • pedal gain: 38dB (@5Khz)
  • clean pedal gain: 32dB (@5Khz)
  • connectors: INPUT jack, OUTPUT jack
  • power supply: 9 volt DC (tip negative)
  • current draw: 10 mA (DC 9 volt)
  • dimensions: 110x60x32mm
  • weight: 250gr.
  • TRUE BYPASS mechanical switch
  • jack NEUTRIK
  • selected resistors
  • orange LED indicator
  • non-slip rubber bottom

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