CKK Lunar Drive - Vintage Amp Tone Overdrive


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The target tone of Lunar Drive is the tone of vintage tube amp like Dumble, which is a long-lost classic tone. To achieve this goal, we specialize in optimizing the frequency response characteristics of the circuit, it makes Lunar Drive sound more like a tube amp, it also enhance the range when received dynamic signal and the way when deal with dynamic signal, all of this make you can show more playing details. The EQ of Lunar Drive contains two sections, high frequency and low frequency, just like the EQ of vintage tube amp. After careful comparison with the EQ characteristics of vintage tube amp, we set the EQ frequency point and adjust repeatedly to approach it, users can easily match the clean channel of various amps by adjusting the EQ of Lunar Drive to get sweet tone. The dynamic range of distortion is large, and the change from clean to crunch is natural. When we designed the distortion structure, in consideration of the distortion causes, that is, preamp volume is too large cause the tubes of power amp distortion, this kind of distortion sound very numb, so Lunar Drive has this distortion tone characteristics and also can quickly respond to dynamic changes of details of the strings. Lunar Drive is suitable for playing some the '60s and '70s loudness and detailed music style, like blues, hard rock and so on.


  • Vintage Dumble Tube Amp Tone
  • The Vintage Amp Style EQ Frequency Point Perfectly Match the Clean Channel of Each Kind of Amp
  • Oversize Gain Dynamic Range
  • The Frequency Response has the Features of the Tube Amps
  • Excellent Dynamic Response, Accurately Show the Details of Playing
  • It is suit for Playing Blues, Hard Rock, etc…

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