CKK Destruction Drive - Aggressive High-Gain Distortion


CKK Electronic

The unique purpose of we develop Destruction Drive is to create one heaviest and exaggerated distortion effect. To meet the most extensive requirements of extreme music, we designed a huge distortion and 3-band active EQ with infinite range of adjustment. Through all of these, users can quickly find the desired tone. The EQ circuit consists of three parts, frequency selection network circuit for heavy tone, 3-band active circuit and frequency gain promotion circuit, they are magic weapon to get good heavy tone. The guitar signal is shaped into heavy orientation one by the frequency selection network circuit of Destruction Drive, then, the guitar signal entered the 3-band active circuit, users can adjust the tone according to their own ideas, in the process of adjustment, users can boost or decrease the selected frequency by using the frequency gain promotion circuit. What is also worth mentioning, we divided the mid frequency to three ranges according to metal styles for different areas, users can select those three ranges by MID switch. By adjusting the mid frequency, you can get more varied metal distortion tone. Destruction Drive is the best choice for the people who has extreme pursuit of heavy tone.


  • Aggressive High-Gain Distortion Effect
  • 3-Band EQ, BASS, MID and TREBLE
  • Three Selectable Mid Frequency Points
  • The EQ consists of Frequency-Selective Network, 3-Band Active EQ circuit and Frequency Gain Boost Circuit.
  • It is suit for playing Extreme Music.

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