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Circular Time Hardware

This is a clone of the Ace-Tone Fuzzmaster FM-2, but with the addition of a Dry Blend control (allows you to mix in the dry input source over the distorted tone) and smaller housing unit. Built 100% by hand with quality components and true bypass. This pedal has some serious bite.

For those curious as to how the controls function and work, the left foot switch turns it on and off, the right one is a high/low pass filter. On high pass you get a pretty treble heavy sound, which brings out a lot of the higher overtones and harmonics the pedal generates. Low pass is great for bass as it retains a lot of low end, especially for a distortion. The back left knob (facing from the front) is a volume control while the right knob allows you to blend in the original dry guitar signal over the distorted tone (because you know sometimes it's just TOO crazy...).

And yes your standard Boss style 9volt adapter or 1spot 9volt will power this pedal just fine.

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