CIOKS Power Bitch



Power supply for effect pedals from CIOKS with 6 outlets. One section with three outlets with well filtered and regulated 9V DC combined with three different higher voltages respectively 18, 24 and 40V. If you own one of the big MXR pedals or a Wah using 18V or Electro Harmonix pedals running on 24 or 40V (in the beginning of year 2007 there were 13 of them), the Power Bitch power supply is a good solution for you.

A high-bright LED status indicator for each section warns you about overload or short circuit and in an easy way always shows you that everything is all right just by looking at the power supply. If a faulty situation should occur you know where to find it.


  • standard 9V combined with three different higher voltages
  • outlet 1-3 for standard 9V pedals
  • outlet 4 with 18V for Wah, Dunlop or the big MXR pedals
  • outlet 5 with 24V for pedals from Electro Harmonix
  • outlet 6 with 40V dedicated for Frequency Analyzer, Graphic Fuzz or White Finger from EHX
  • great selection of Flex cables as accessories
  • possibility for connection of two different 24V pedals or two 40V pedals from EHX by using Stack Flex cable type 4
  • 4 LED status indicators, one for each section
  • all outlets are overload and short circuit protected
  • durable
  • 2m mains cable
  • 2 years warranty
  • 6 Flex cables included


  • Outlet 1-3: 9V DC / 150mA total from all 3 outlets (regulated)
  • Outlet 4: 18V DC / 80mA (regulated)
  • Outlet 5: 24V DC / 60mA (*not regulated)
  • Outlet 6: 40V DC / 60mA (*not regulated)
  • Size: 130x70x40mm
  • Weight: 490g

The 24V and 40V outlets are dedicated to power pedals from Electro Harmonix. Since the original adapters for 24V and 40V pedals from Electro Harmonix are not regulated, we chose to make these outlets in the same way to make the best match.

BE CAREFUL when connecting your pedals to the Power Bitch power supply. In worst case the higher voltages on outlets 4-6 might damage your pedals, if they are not designed to run on these higher voltages.

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