Chunk Systems Brown Dog Gated Bass Fuzz


  • Dirty Level
  • Clean Level
  • Gate
  • Drive
  • Soft/Hard


Chunk Systems

The Brown Dog enables you to produce rampaging waves of meat with your bass guitar while still keeping your basslines tight and letting the character of your instrument's tone shine through. With two fuzz modes (hard and soft), a mixing stage and a unique gating circuit the Brown Dog gives you a wide range of fuzzy and synthy bass tones. Listen to it now!

Based on our highly acclaimed FZ002 gated bass fuzz, the Brown Dog adds soft mode and features easier to use mixer controls. With true bypass and only the best quality analogue electronics, the Brown Dog is perfect for all you clean sound freaks. Use the special envelope connector in conjunction with the Agent 00Funk Mark II for synth bass that will really freak you out!

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