Chunk Systems Agent 00Funk Envelope Filter


  • centre knob
    adjusts the frequency from which the filter sweep begins. A low setting will sweep the filter right from the bottom of your sound whereas a high setting will leave the bottom end unaffected.
  • lag knob
    adjusts how fast the filter responds to changes in input level. A low lag setting causes the filter to respond very quickly. This is ideal for slap bass and can also be used to produce some interesting warbling effects. A high lag setting causes the filter to respond very slowly and smoothly.
  • range knob
    adjusts the Agent 00Funk's sensitivity to changes in input level. With a lower range setting you need to play quite hard to sweep the filter into higher frequencies. With a higher range setting the filter sweeps a long way even on quiet input sounds.
  • up/down switch
    controls which direction the filter sweeps in response to input signals. When in up mode, the filter sweeps up to higher frequencies as the input signal becomes louder. In down mode, the filter sweeps down to lower frequencies as the input becomes louder.
  • bypass gain knob
    changes the gain of the Agent 00Funk when it is in bypass (off) mode. This is useful, for example, when you want the output to become louder or softer when the Agent 00Funk is switched off.
  • effect gain knob
    changes the gain of the Agent 00Funk when it is in effect (on) mode. This is useful, for example, when you want the output to become louder or softer when the Agent 00Funk is switched on.
  • peak knob
    adjusts the resonance of the Agent 00Funk's filter. This basically determines how extreme the effect is.


Chunk Systems

Arguably the world's most controllable envelope filter or touch-wah pedal, Agent 00Funk is without a doubt the world's purplest. Agent 00Funk (say "Agent Double O Funk") can turn virtually any mono sound source into funky squelching fatness then save the world, get the girl (or guy, if that's what you're into), and be home in time for tea*, all this delivered to your door for $US249.


  • superior controllability - 7 independently variable parameters, including independent effect and bypass gain controls, give you the sound you're after regardless of whether you use it with bass, guitar, clav, drum machine, synth or indeed any mono sound source.
  • great sound - Clean analogue signal paths coupled with a highly resonant, super linear 12 dB/octave low-pass filter give you a tone that goes from clean and subtle all the way into gigantic squelching mayhem.
  • heavy duty - 2mm steel chassis finished in a durable purple powder coat to withstand the rigours of the road.
  • control Voltage loop - Allows the filter to be controlled from an analogue synth, MIDI-to-CV converter or another Agent 00Funk. It also provides for expandability with future Chunk Systems products.
  • pop-free switching - Special crossfade circuit eliminates switching noise. Perfect for use with a DI box.
  • handmade - Agent 00Funk is lovingly handmade in Australia to order.

* Due to the nature of professional international espionage, Agent 00Funk's ability to save the world, get the girl or be home in time for tea can not be guaranteed. However, Chunk Systems backs Agent 00Funk's ability to produce funky squelching fatness with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty.

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  • filter type
    2 pole (12 dB/octave) resonant low-pass
  • max filter resonance
    27 dB approx.
  • max bypass gain
    20 dB
  • max effect gain
    20 dB
  • input impedance
    220 k ohm
  • control voltage
    0 - 9 VDC linear (V/Hz)
  • power
    battery or external plugpack (not included)
  • chassis
    2mm steel
  • finish
    purple powder coat
  • dimensions
    165 X 145 X 85 mm
  • mass
    1.2 kg
  • EMC compliance
Agent 00 Funk

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