Chunk Systems


    Chunk Systems is run by Richard Cartwright, an electrical engineer and bass player with more than 15 years experience in circuit design, software engineering and digital signal processing. The company is based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

    Timeline (by Richard Cartwright)

    • May 1995: Business name "Chunk Systems" registered. FZ002 sold to local shops in Sydney.
    • 1997-ish: Agent 00Funk designed, sold in local shops and on web.
    • 2001-ish: US distributor Godlyke Inc comes on board.
    • 2003-ish: Chunk Systems moves to shared offices in Rushcutters' Bay, Sydney.
    • 2005: Next generation pedals Brown Dog and Agent 00Funk mark II released.
    • 2006-ish: Chunk Systems moves to offices in Surry Hills, Sydney.
    • 2008: Chunk Systems Pty Ltd founded, first employees, Octavius Squeezer bass synth released to rave reviews.

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