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Lazy Eye - low noise, mosfet based booster with a very small footprint and a large knob to help you dial in the appropriate amount of loudness you need.

This boost is designed to give you a wide range of boosting options:

  • From 7-9 o'clock, you get a nice subtle boost, giving you back the clarity you lost.
  • From 9-12 o'clock, you noticeably can hear the booster doing its job, as you turn the knob clockwise, the loudness goes up.
  • From 1-max, you start driving your tube amp into a loud, light overdrive crunch with rich harmonics.


  • True bypass circuitry
  • Accepts standard 9vdc center negative power supply with no battery support.
  • Bright white LED
  • Large knob that can be adjusted with your foot.
  • Nichicon and Wima capacitors
  • Neutrik jacks
  • Assembled by hand in USA.

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