Chicago Stompworks Mööse Pie - Ram's Head Muff


Several customers asked me to research and build an accurate Ram's Head Muff version. Thanks to the excellent info at the Big Muff History page I was able to get definitive schematics. So, this model is 100% faithful to the "Ram's Head 73 #18" model (schematic below). This is the Ram's Head circuit that the page refers to as "one of the best sounding Ram's Head Big Muffs I have ever played." This version is built with modern equivalent 2N5088 transistors, although there is a lot of evidence and speculation that the original FS36999 transistors WERE rebranded 5088's to begin with... Modern carbon and metal film resistors, as well.

This is a quality hand fabricated piece from the pcb up (NOT a "kit build"), true bypass switching, quality box film caps and audiophile grade WIMA caps, Alpha pots, Davies 1510 knobs, Neutrik jacks - all the GOOD stuff. Standard ("Boss style") 9v center negative dc jack. You won't find a clone of this quality for this price, anywhere!

*This pedal is not endorsed by or affiliated with Kit Rae or the folks at, but I thank them for providing the information that the pedal is based upon.

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